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Race day with R6 (video)

Posted on 21.10.2016 00:00

Me with my tuned Yamaha R6 (exhaust, AIS, AIRBOX, Air filter, flashed ECU, sprocket -1 0) kicking ass stock BMW S1000RR :) ... At brno race circuit

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Yamaha R6 SuperSport kit manuals

Posted on 29.09.2016 17:53

Just a few PDFs with important informations:

Yamaha R6 SuperSport kit manuals:

Yamaha R6 yec kit manual 1999-2002

Yamaha R6 yec kit manual 2004

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Flash tune

Posted on 22.07.2016 21:52

Because of complete lack of documentation of flash tune software I made this post

As you know flashtune lets you modify ECU settings and maybe as you don't know flashtune lets you modify much more settings than YEC ecu for example REV limiter. Maximum with yec is 16000 rpm and you can't…

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The first post

Posted on 15.07.2016 19:26

Hi, this is the first post.

First of all I want to say I hate any restrictions and compromises on motorbikes
Secondly I'm not native english speaker so excuse my english :)

Every fucking thing what I will write about I have tested on my own bike (R6 2008 EU model). I have…

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