About me

I'm big fan of yamahas R6 because they are uncompromise.
Compromises makes troubles.
I like it in hardcore way :))


Things what I have done.

Race day with R6 (video)

Me with my tuned Yamaha R6 (exhaust, AIS, AIRBOX, Air filter, flashed ECU, sprocket -1 0) kicking ass stock BMW S1000RR :) ... At brno race…

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Yamaha R6 SuperSport kit manuals

Just a few PDFs with important informations:

Yamaha R6 SuperSport kit manuals:

Yamaha R6…

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Flash tune

Because of complete lack of documentation of flash tune software I made this post

As you know flashtune lets you modify ECU settings and…

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The first post

Hi, this is the first post.

First of all I want to say I hate any restrictions and compromises on motorbikes
Secondly I'm not native…

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